The Plumchester P 1.5 - ArtSnacks Haul Review

The Plumchester P 1.5



I've had this since November (I think, I've lost my cards for October and November's Artsnacks boxes). I use this every day, and it is still as good as it was the day I got it. For context, I am gentle with my brush tip pens. However, after a couple months of use, the nib is usually bent or falling apart. This pen's nib looks and flows the same as it did on day one. The color is still as dark and perfect as it was when I first opened it. This pen is a tank!


I constantly use my Plumchester P 1.5 (you can see I've worn away most of the letters). It is the first pen I reach for when I'm inking a piece. It is give a beautifully back line and offers a lot of control which I want in my art supplies. The nib is the perfect amount of flexible and firm. I can use my hand pressure to vary line thickness, but I don't get unintended line lumps from a slight change in pen pressure. My favorite use for this pen is on Bristol board with a Micron 005 for details. However, it can stand alone and hold it's own. 


This is a pen, so cleaning isn't an issue. I've never noticed it staining my hands, although my hands are usually stained with some art supply so I might not notice. It is incredibly easy to use! The Plumchester is the same size and weight of a micron pen, but has a matte finish which I like better. It's easy to grip and the familiar size is easy to manipulate. The sturdy nib and reliable ink flow leaves the art up to the artist. The pen will do what the artist wants!


This pen is fantastic for a sketchbook! Short of a heavy black puddle, the Plumchester rarely bleeds through the pages of my Mead Academia Sketchbook. The paper in my sketchbook is heavy weight, but most pens bleed through. It also dries quickly so it works well under other media. I've also used it to line not-quite-dry water based pieces and it did not feather. 


This pen only gets a half star for this category. It is another brush tip pen. As amazing as it is, it's still just one in the crowd of pens. I did give it half a star because I think it improves on previous brush pens I've used. The nib, as I've said, is amazing! It's firm and flexible and the ink is dark black, but doesn't bleed through the page. The product it's self isn't novel though. In defense of the Plumchester, I don't think it's supposed to be novel!


I absolutely love my Plumchester P 1.5, which I received in an Artsnacks box a few months ago. I am most impressed with the firm and flexible nib which allows the artist control over line width. The ink is dark and true black, but doesn't bleed through the page and the pen works well with other medium. My only minor qualm is that it isn't novel.