Weekly Illustration Challenge - Camping

I discovered a website that does a weekly illustration challenge. It sounded like fun, so I decided to give it a try. This weeks prompt is Camping. 

The illustration was fun to work on. As a child, my family drove from Texas to Colorado for a camping trip. On the way, I discovered animal carvings called 'fetishes' that are a common art for local native american tribes in the area. I loved the tiny sculptures and spent all my vacation money on them. The shape of the frame for this illustration is inspired by a very common fetish, a bear. 

bear fetish.jpg

The bear symbolizes a lot of things. Different carvings evoke different meanings, but over all it means things like guardian, strength, and power, which felt like the perfect sort of creature to watch over the little scene I illustrated. 

I also chose to do a traditional illustration using inda inks and a micron pen. I wanted to capture a different local for camping. Sleeping under the stars after a hard day rock climbing! 

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