Posters for Charity

These posters are for sale NOW in my Society6 shop. All proceeds that come to me will be donated to the ACLU (that's $3 for the smaller prints and $5 for larger print sizes). This was inspired by the recent executive orders regarding immigration in the United States. Buy the poster with the quote HERE and the poster without the quote HERE

small Statue of Liberty quote .png

Current Projects and Services

Below are just some of the projects and services I currently offer. If you like what you see, but don't think your project is described below, feel free to contact me and we can discuss making your project real!

Mountain Divide

Mountain Divide will run for two years, updating one page a week every Saturday. It is the story of what happens after a failed rebellion both to the disgraced and captured rebel leader and a conquering general who must rebuild her home after defeating the rebellion. The two former enemies must work together to achieve peace and prosperity for their mutual home.

Prints, Stickers and More! 

Prints and stickers available! Whimsical prints and stickers for all occasions including Mountain Divide merchandise. 

Illustration and Commission

Custom illustration and commissions. Curious Doodler Studio provides for all your illustrative needs. Books, promotional materials, and any other situation that requires custom images can be provided for by Curious Doodler Studio.